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To phone or not to phone
Sumire Stained-Glass
So, I'm debating with myself and I think I'm going to go without renting a phone this trip to Japan. I really only rented one last time so that I'd get iride updates through my email, and I think I can chance the same thing using intermittent wifi. Getting in touch with friends.... it's not ideal, but email and messenger and Skype will have to do. I might miss quick updates from club that way, and so miss some iride, but overall... I really think a rental phone will be $100 at the least, and that's without getting a smartphone rental.

Mmmm, lots of apps for connecting with wifi hotspots around Yurakucho and Ginza. Yeah, I think I'll chance it. I usually spend all my down time between iri and de in Mickey-Ds and Sutabaa anyway.

Just gotta find that portable battery-charger, since searching for hot spots is gonna kill my phone battery. After 4 years and two moves, I have no idea where it ended up.....

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Last time I rented a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and that was the best thing I had ever done. I got lost a couple of times and was able to use my smartphone and the wifi to find my way back.
You'll be able to check your email anytime.

Yeah... I think if I weren't pretty familiar with Tokyo, or if my share house didn't have wifi included, it would be worth it. But I think I'm going to try it without! It looks like even a lot of vending machines have free wifi hotspots built in these days (o_0)

Maybe renting a simcard would be good compromise? Looks like now B-mobile's visitor sim is under 2,500 for two weeks' unlimited data.

Unfortunately, my phone uses a nano-sim and can't be changed.

XD I prefer smaller phones, but looks like it's come back to bite me.

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