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Otome Puzzle Game: Zunko, Wataru, Komu
Masaki Jump!
*cough* Erm, yes, I have been reaaaaally delayed in getting this up and posted. Many, many apologies. And many thanks to everyone who contributed Otome pictures so that I could make the game, including quinquin, Miranda, and kugelfischli

This was one of the games that we played at the NYC Meet Up last summer play along at home and see if you can put the Otome pictures in order. :)

Otome Puzzle Game (pdf)

Otome Puzzle Game Key (pdf)

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Nice! For Aizuki Hikaru's most recent Elisabeth ochakai, she had to correctly match the actresses' names to their respective Lucheni photo stills.(only from the neck down!) Another cool spin on the game 👍

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